Rabu, 21 November 2012

6 Secrets of a Successful Entrepreneur

6 Secrets of a Successful Entrepreneur
1. reason

Find a good reason why you want to become entrepreneurs. Is it because of difficult to find a job, or want to experience being a boss, may also want to earn unlimited income. The reason can be anything, most of the stronger your reasons for berwirusaha the more you focus on your goals.

2. Confidence Strong

You must have a strong and positive beliefs. For example, you believe that you can become a successful entrepreneur, or self-employment was easy as long as we know how. Positive beliefs like that you have to get up. Do not let the negative that it dominates your thoughts. such as: I am afraid of failure, it is necessary entrepreneurial talent, etc.. Negative thoughts like that you should get rid of it away.

3. Obviously dream

You must have a clear dream. Because the dream that you will be motivated to achieve it. Do not be afraid to have high dreams. Because the higher your dreams will surely give greater impetus to yourself. However, still have to be flexible and do not let your dream the impossible can be achieved.

4. Mastery of Science (Education)

In starting entrepreneurs we are required to continue to learn and have an open mind. We can learn from books, others are already running a business, or from the seminars.

5. action

This is the most important step in entrepreneurship. Because without action nothing will happen. Only by action or actions that we can get closer to our dreams.

6. prayer

Step 6 is that the prayer. Because no matter how hard we attempt, still God, too, who determine. We as human beings can only try and try.

Hopefully these tips can be useful for my friends who want to start entrepreneurship



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